The water activation in plant irrigation should be understood as increase of water dissolving power. This is achieved by utilization of different physical actions – ultrasonic, magnetic and combined – ultrasonic and magnetic, etc. The large water molecules groups are disintegrated. More groups with less number of participating molecules are created. The number of unconsolidated molecules increases. The new structure increases the water resolving power and thus improves the absorption of the soil based minerals by the plant’s root system. Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and the additional: sulphur, calcium, iron, etc. as well as water. As a result it improves the formation of protein the main constructive material of the plant growing and development. The plant diseases are significantly less. The leaves and blossom colours are much more intensive and saturated. The improved metabolism directly has direct positive effect on the foliage and the root system development and therefore increases the crop yield.


“GENERAL ENERGY” Ltd. and “DOMY – Nikolay Arnaudski”

  1. GE US -AGRO – current-free hydrodynamic, ultrasonic activator.

The water passing through the activator is subjected to generated mechanical vibrations in the sonic and ultrasonic frequency range. The same type is also the ultrasonic aerator US Air that can be used for aeration of water for indoor plants watering.

GE US -AGRO is manufactured in various size types from 3/8” to 2”.

The activator GE US -AGRO is suitable for irrigation of greenhouse grown flowers, decorative shrubs, watering of outdoor grass plots, parks and gardens as well as small orchards and vegetable gardens and home lawns.

  1. GE USM-AGRO – current-free hydrodynamic activator plus magnetic treatment

The activation results from the sonic and ultrasonic frequency mechanical vibrations generated in the water flow combined with the simultaneous effect of magnetic field. The achieved effect of improved water resolving power is hire than the GE USM -AGRO. Suitable for irrigation of fruits and vegetables, grown in greenhouses or outdoors – grain crops and vegetable plantations, etc.

GE USM-AGRO is manufactured in various size types from 1/2” to 3”.

 GEUSand GEUSМ not only improve the water solubility power but also have decontaminating effect. This is of great importance when irrigation water from highly polluted water basins is used.

The GEUSM activator is powerful highly potential tool for improved crops in areas with insufficient water resources.


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