MTS-01 are the only devices, in which in the passing fuel oil flow are generated hydrodynamically high and low frequency mechanical Oscillates and simultaneously is caused a cavitation zone and ultrasound.


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Flame retardants


Fire Safety is one of the essential elements of security. Fires cause death, injury and property damage. The risk of a fire starting can be reduced by the flame retardants which are added to flammable materials to prevent fires and, if a fire does start through another source, to cause them burn more slowly and release less heat, smoke and toxic gases. Therefore flame retardants provide extra time in the early stages when the fire can be extinguished or an escape can be made.

Our flame retardants are phosphorus and nitrogen salts solutions. Their ion activity changes depending on the treated materials by adding anionic, cationic, amphoteric, non-ionic surfactants and mixtures of them. The flame retardants are applied for hydrophilic and hydrophobic porous polymers with different physical and chemical properties and structure.

The effectiveness of the product in terms of the flame retardant capacity is achieved by the synergistic effect of the phosphorus and nitrogen components in it.

The  flame retardant composition is effective in a small amount for impregnation of porous polymers. The  products are neutral and therefore non-corrosive and non-irritating in nature.

The neutral pH allows preservation stability, freezing stability and chemical stability of the CSE-96 flame retardant solution. The composition is of the environmental type which is fully safe in that the composition eliminates the evolution of halogen gas upon combustion.


The  flame retardants are applied both for fire protection of hydrophilic textiles like cotton, rayon, linen, wool, viscose and hydrophobic textiles like polyester, polyacrylnitrile, polyamide, polypropylene, polyethylene and their blends.

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Wood is a traditional natural construction material for attractive, ecological and comparatively inexpensive construction and repair works.The wood products such as floors, wall and ceiling panels, roofs, timber, beams or columns are universal building elements.

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image22For paper, corrugated board and items made of them

Paper and corrugated board packages are flammable materials. The  fire protection of these materials provides fire safety in residential and public buildings, offices, logistics centers and transportation means.

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For open porous polymers

The  flame retardants are applied for fire protection of open porous polymers such as penopolyurethane, extruded and expanded polystyrene. The fire protection of polystyrene is carried out by brush or roller, by spraying and plasma-aided impreg…

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GEUSMCLEANER are unique devices where water flow passing through them generates hydrodynamically low frequency and high frequency mechanical fluctuations and simultaneously a spatially permanent and time variable magnetic field is applied.

    The low frequency fluctuations with frequency range 40-350Hz are generated by aspecial item, installed in the water passage opening, and ultrasonic range fluctuations are generated in a vortex chamber situated immediately after the special item.

The impact of spatially permanent and time variable magnetic field treatment is exerted by permanent magnets arranged in a specific manner on the external surface of the body of the device.

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The water activation in plant irrigation should be understood as increase of water dissolving power. This is achieved by utilization of different physical actions – ultrasonic, magnetic and combined – ultrasonic and magnetic, etc. The large water molecules groups are disintegrated. More groups with less number of participating molecules are created. The number of unconsolidated molecules increases. The new structure increases the water resolving power and thus improves the absorption of the soil based minerals by the plant’s root system. Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and the additional: sulphur, calcium, iron, etc. as well as water. As a result it improves the formation of protein the main constructive material of the plant growing and development. The plant diseases are significantly less. The leaves and blossom colours are much more intensive and saturated. The improved metabolism directly has direct positive effect on the foliage and the root system development and therefore increases the crop yield.

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