For paper, corrugated board and items made of them


Paper and corrugated board packages are flammable materials. The  fire protection of these materials provides fire safety in residential and public buildings, offices, logistics centers and transportation means.

The flame retarded materials are with low smoke developed indexes. They are with sufficient physical and mechanical properties. They have better biodegradability in comparison with the untreated paper and corrugated board.

The fire protection of the corrugated board is carried out “in situ” by brush or roller.

The high capillary activity of the  flame retardant allows fire protection of the paper and the corrugated board by a continuous process – the non-treated material passes through a bath with a small module, containing the flame retardant and after that it passes at an appropriate speed and at temperature, appropriate for drying the respective material, through a drying machine.

They are with increased resistance to ignition, slow down burning rates and the rate of heat, smoke and toxic gas release from the cellulosic polymers.

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