GE USMCLEANER are unique devices where water flow passing through them generates hydrodynamically low frequency and high frequency mechanical fluctuations and simultaneously a spatially permanent and time variable magnetic field is applied.

    The low frequency fluctuations with frequency range 40-350Hz are generated by aspecial item, installed in the water passage opening, and ultrasonic range fluctuations are generated in a vortex chamber situated immediately after the special item.

The impact of spatially permanent and time variable magnetic field treatment is exerted by permanent magnets arranged in a specific manner on the external surface of the body of the device.

    As a result of the triple impact, when water passing through the device is heated up / cooled down/, crystallisation of calcium carbonate takes place in a way that prevents formation of crystal calcite form which causes the depositing of limescale. Aragonite –other crystal form of calcium carbonate is the result of crystallisation instead of calcite. Due to its form and sizes the aragonite crystals do not stick to and are not deposited on heating / cooling surfaces. They form only a very thin layer, and the rest is washed away by water or settles on the bottom as slime. Formation of aragonite crystals takes place in the entire volume of heated up / cooled down water, and not only close to the wall. The abrasive effect of the larger size aragonite crystals removes limescale already deposited on the surfaces.

    Disinfection of water is an additional effect resulting from the generated low frequency and ultrasonic fluctuations. The degree of disinfection on the basis of a single passage of water through the device is 30-50%.








  1. 1.      Unlike almost all devices providing only magnetic treatment , GE USMCLEANER ensures prevention of limescale deposits at diverse hardness, temperature and chemical analysis of water, as well as in case of much higher variation of the instantaneous water flow rate. The ratio between the minimum to maximum allowable flow rate for any type and size of devices reaches up to 1:8;
  2. 2.      No change of chemical analysis of water;
  3. 3.      No periodic inspection and replacement of separate components is required;
  4. 4.      Disinfection effect;
  5. 5.      Can be mounted both in dry and wet rooms. Easy and quick installation;
  6. 6.      High reliability and ten years warranty period.

      All above advantages define GE USMCLEANER devices as a highly efficient and reliable means for fighting limescale , thus for resolving part of the main task for enhancement of domestic and industrial energy efficiency .







1. Independently preventing carbonate depositing in:

  • Single-family and multi-family residential buildings, hotels, etc.
  • Convectomates
  • Industrial Laundries and Washing Machines
  • Water-heater Boilers
  • Tube and plate heat exchangers
  • Water-cooling Towers
  • Steam Generators
  • Centrifugal and Vacuum Pumps
  • Heat Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Steam Jet Devices
  • Solar Water-heater Collectors
  • Closed Cycle Cooling Water Systems for Induction Furnaces
  • Оpen Cycle Water Systems for Cooling and Washing of Cans in the Cannery Industry, etc..
  • Circulating Systems in Swimming Pools with Hot Mineral Water.

     2. Together with ion-exchange filters aiming at reduction of

salt consumption and prolongation of the operating period of the resin.

 Major advantages of GE „US CLEANER” Ultrasonic Activator to the classic aerator

1. The ultrasonic hydrodynamic generator enhances manifold the scope of operation of the classic aerator. Much more oxygen is dissolved in the water.


2. The water that has flown through the device possesses stronger antioxidant properties. This represents a natural mean to fight against free radicals in the human and animal organisms. This is a well-known reason for skin ageing of the skin, which is better hydrated by this type of “ultrasonified” water.


3. Improves the taste of water and of drinks prepared by itall types of coffeeespresso, cappuccino, soluble Nescafe, filterSwartz coffee, Turkish (Greek) coffeeboiled in a coffeepot; all kinds of tea, various cocoa drinks, hot chocolate; beverages; soluble soups — they taste better when prepared with this type of water!   This mainly concerns semi-ready soups and spaghetti and pasta boiled in such water. In the list may be included stewed fruits and other canned products.  


4. There is almost full elimination of the unpleasant odor appearing because of chlorine. Ultrasound successfully degases the gases dissolved in the water and this sometimes results in a chlorine smell. This, however, is an indication of increased chlorine content in the water, while the device is doing a perfect job! You just ventilate the kitchen or the bathroom, but you do not drink the toxic chlorine and you don’t spoil the good odor of all drinks!!!


5. It disinfects water! It reduces the microbe number in half in a single water circulation through it. The same effect has been proven many times with the use of ultrasound homogenizer (emulgator, emulsifier) for pasteurized milk in a milk plant. The device produces the same effect when used for the obtaining of ice-cream, drinking milk and others.


6. If 2 or 3 devices are mounted in a stack the effect increases, provided that the sink or the battery mixing the water allow the cumulative length of the devices.

The effect is also highly dependent on the pressure or the water capacity (the quantity of water for 1 min). The device operates best at 50-55oC.


7. Using the device provides you with higher security when drinking water with lower microbe number and with evaporated chlorine. This is valid especially for emergency cases and when water is supplied by a dam near its sanitary minimum. The device is a worthless insurance in such cases!  


8. There is saving of energy – heating of the “ultrasonified” water is improved by about 4-5% due to water restructuring.


9. Deposition of scale is extensively decreased and prevented. You cannot reach this effect via the classic aerator. Additional 10-15% energy could be saved due to the lack of scale on the heaters, especially when speaking about open heaters for which the probability for overheating is lowered.


10. Water circulating through US CLEANERis more easily and more effectively purified in all kinds of purifying devices than common water. For example in BRITTAwater purifying jar or similar devices mounted directly onto sinks. Of course the device itself does not trap heavy metals or organic contaminants, but their adsorption, adsorption as well as chemical and ion-exchange absorption by filters is made easier.


11. It is cheaper, water is saved and expenses for it are lowered!


12. Water solubility is enhanced and as result its washing property also is improved. Everything is easier to wash and necessitates smaller portion of detergents and surfactants. Washing vacuum-cleaners and dry-cleaners become more effective.


13. Bathing and washing with this type of water is healthier! The device could be mounted upon the hand or stationary shower in the same manner as when installing a boiler. Sometimes in case of incorrect exploitation at insufficient temperature and long lack of use harmful to humans bacteria develop in boilers. Ultrasound devices minimize their development.


14. Skin hydrating is improved. You should regularly wash and bathe with ultrasonified and aerated water in order to keep your skin fresh and protect it against sum ultraviolet radiation.


15. Washing manually or by dishwasher with this water leaves less stains (marks from scale) upon the glass and porcelain cups and dishes as well as upon the steel cutlery. This is of special significance for restaurants, bars, coffee-houses and others. There are 2 types of devices for dishwashers and washing machines – for direct mounting on the machine and for installing at the turn-cock tap, which is the easier solution.


16. All types of medicine and food additives absorbed with “ultrasonified” water are better absorbed in the organism. This effect is enhanced by the ultrasonic activator.


17. When water therapy is recommended, for example for kidney illnesses, drinking the “ultrasonified” water is of great importance!


18. Watering grass, vegetables and fruits with this type of water is much healthier both for the plants and for their consumers. Food substances are better absorbed in the soil!


19. This water is healthier also for your pets, for fish either at home or in the breeding pond.


20. In a purely physical, ecological fashion the device decreases scale deposition upon sanitary ceramicssanitary porcelain, faience and ceramic products.


21. I can continue the list with advantages, but I think that for the present the mentioned facts and arguments are more than enough to prove that these unique devices could be mass produced and introduced in households, apartments, houses living premises and administrative buildings, small family hotels and large SPA complexes.


22. Let ecology live1 No more chemistry and its consequences for humans, animals, plants and the environment! Let’s use only purely physical methods for water treatment!


23. Lifecycle length and health of humans, pets and plants are determined to a great extent by the quality of water and food we take. A better quality of water means healthier, happier people. The quality of life is improved!


24. Use ultrasonic activators regardless of whether you already have combined devices for magnetic and ultrasound treatment!!!


25. For optimal effect you can use combined devices USM CLEANER mounted to the building hot and cold water installation and mounting of ultrasound activators instead of the standard classical ones.


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